Rebecca Millett’s Questionnaire

Your name: Rebecca Millett
Your social media sites: Rebecca Millett for Maine Senate (facebook) 

Money & Government

1. Are you a clean election candidate? Y/N* *If not, why?  


If you are an incumbent, how did you vote on the re-qualifying option to replace matching funds? If you are a new candidate, how would you have voted?

In favor of re-qualification.

2. Would you vote for a non-binding resolution that expresses opposition to the Citizen United Supreme Court decision?


If there were a constitutional amendment designed to nullify the effects of the decision, would you vote for it?

Without seeing the wording of said amendment, I am unable to indicate a position. I would carefully consider the implications of any proposed legislation and seek the input of all stakeholders

3. Who are your top three donors?

I am a clean election candidate.

What level of campaign finance disclosure do you think is necessary? Do you believe it’s acceptable for candidates to accept money from PACs?

I would likely support carefully crafted legislation that would address anonymous attack ads.  I believe in transparency regarding candidate finance disclosure and would like to minimize the influence of PACs on politicians.  I believe that PAC money provides an unfair advantage to specific constituencies.

4. What industries do you see bringing jobs to the state in the coming years? How can the state do a better job attracting and supporting these industries? What proposal to create jobs would you bring to the table that offers a fresh approach?  

Maine needs to continue to strengthen educational programs for all of its students, in order to appropriately train future workers with necessary skills, and to retain that talent in Maine.  We need to better leverage our natural renewable resources.  Maine needs a marketing campaign, conducted with buy in from relevant employers, to actively market the high quality of life to both young families and creative retirees.

5. What has the Occupy movement accomplished so far? Name 3 accomplishments.

The Occupy movement successfully highlighted Americans’ disillusionment with our political system, the power of money in our government, and growing economic disparities in our society.  Most importantly, the Occupy movement, through its 99% message, cautioned that the trend of income inequality is concentrating wealth among a tiny group of elite while the middle class becomes impoverished.

P.S. What is your tax rate or bracket?  MITT ROMNEY’S IS 15%…I’m not sure I see the relevance given our current tax structure

6. Do you support the following workers’ rights policies, Yes/No* *If no – why?

There are too many variables to give a short response.  In any event and in all circumstances, I would carefully consider the implications of any proposed legislation and seek the input of all stakeholders.

A mandate for paid sick days ___

A living wage mandate ___

Worker’s right to organize a union ___ [YES]

P.S. What dollar amount do you think is a living wage? $________ Depends on where you live, even within Maine.  I would refer to the federal and state Department of Labor statistics, as well as reviewing the findings of Maine state economists (in both Democrat and Republican administrations).

7. Would you support legislation that enables municipalities to tax big box stores? How about a local option sales tax

With an ever increasing amount of government services being shifted from the state to the local governments, all options should be considered.

8. Do you support bonds as a means of funding Maine’s infrastructure and other investments in the state’s future? Yes/No* *If no – why?


9. Maine has the second highest student loan debt in the country. What would you do to alleviate the problem of excessive student loan debt?   

I would look for ways to ensure college tuition is affordable for our students and support President Obama’s efforts to slow the pace of tuition increases at higher education institutions.

10. Would you support increased funding for Maine’s public university and community college system?

It would depend on how the money is targeted, the current economic environment and competing resource needs.

Equal Rights & Courage of Convictions

11. Will you vote for marriage equality on the Maine ballot? Yes/No* *If no – why?


Will you actively rather than passively support the initiative?


12. What’s an example of an issue or policy on which you would not compromise despite constituent lack of support? Are you willing to be a one-term representative/senator because you chose not to compromise your principles?

Yes. Woman’s right to choose.

Conversely, what’s an example of an issue on which you would follow the lead of your constituents?

13. Do you believe that non-citizen immigrants living in Maine should have the same access to social services as American citizens?  

It depends if the question regards illegal immigrants or whether it means refugees, applicants for asylum, and current permanent residents (green card holders).  I believe that America is a country of immigrants and that part of our country’s strength is in our diversity.

14. What is the single most destructive change that has occurred in Augusta in the past two years?

The introduction of an extreme national conservative agenda into Maine’s governance.

15. Do you feel the need to take a proactive stance against the anti-choice agenda? How would you effectively frame your argument to religious women?

I endeavor to take every opportunity to support a variety of issues that are important to me including a woman’s right to choose.  I would respect a religious women’s decision about her own body and would ask that she respect the decision of other women.  Whether that would be “effective” is unlikely, given the long standing divide on this issue.

16. An increasing number of candidates are invoking religion as part of their campaign. Do you believe this is acceptable and do you plan to invoke religion in your own campaign? Why or why not? What role should religion play in campaigns and in shaping public policy?

I believe government has no role in promoting religion.

Living off the Land & Government Authority

17. What policies would you support that place more Maine-produced food on Maine tables?

Policies that recognize and support small local farms in dealing with federal and state regulations designed to deal with industrial farming.

18. Rank the top 5 energy sources that are the most viable options to combat man-made climate change, 1 being the best and 5 being the worst:

Climate change is a serious threat to our environment, economic prosperity and security.  It is critical that we approach this issue with a seriousness of purpose and dedication to invest in alternative energy sources.  Nuclear ___ Wind power ___ Natural gas ___ Solar power ___ Off shore drilling ___ Tidal energy ___ Solar energy ___ Other (please explain) _________

Do you support a mandate to promote the growth of these energy sources?

19. How do you envision the future of Maine’s north woods and the management of its unorganized territories? What should be the role of the Land Use Regulation Commission?

We have a responsibility to provide wise stewardship for all of Maine’s natural resources and as such all governing bodies should reflect a reasoned and balanced approach.

20. Maine spends more than $130 million each year on its prisons. The state’s jails and prisons are overcrowded, and its jails place an enormous financial burden on county governments. How would you reform the Maine corrections system? Do you support private prisons as a solution?  

This question is inter-related with many issues including mental health services, education/high school drop out rates and correctional programs.  If elected I would work to make sure it is addressed in a comprehensive manner.