[READ] Atlantic says “Blame Young Men, Not the Economy”

Even though the jobless rate fell below 8% for the first time since 2009, young people are still working less than other age groups. The Atlantic has an articlethat says young men are the reason the labor force is shrinking–and that it isn’t just a tough economy that’s forcing them to do so.

“The male rate [of participation in the labor force], on the other hand, has been declining since the 1950’s.” [The Atlantic]

They give a few reasons as to why they think this trend is continuing:

“This could be for a variety of factors, from men deciding it’s not worth bothering to apply for a job at the local grocery store, to men more focused on their education with unskilled work harder to find, to those living at home who decide there’s no need for spending money when so much entertainment is free online.” [The Atlantic]

So what do you say, guys? We’ve heard from dudes around town who say that the idea of being a stay-at-home dad is an appealing idea. How does that sound to you? The female rate of participation has been growing steadily since the 1960’s — is it finally become a more equal playing field?

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