Our Team

Steering Committee

Kaiulani Anderson-Andrei, Special Events Director

Kaiulani is originally from Columbus, Indiana. After a slew of visits, and finally her husband coming to work in Portland, Kaiulani graduated from Indiana State University with a BS in English, and moved to Maine in December of 2011. She originally (begrudgingly) started into Politics after her husband convinced her to join Indiana State’s College Democrats and has been going since. Kaiulani then interned with the Indiana Democratic Party out of Terre Haute, Indiana; working to win local elections in that city.  From marriage equality, to her favorite topic social advocacy she has been trying to help the world become a little better (and peaceful). Kaiulani currently works as a Preschool Teacher in Scarborough. Her likes include; traveling, knitting, reading, cuddling, singing, and of course her ultimate love; Theater.

 Patrick Banks, Communications Director

Patrick has a degree in journalism from the University of Wyoming and has been involved with theLeague for about five years. Perhaps best known as the original “Dump Hunter” (aka founding author of The Bollard’s popular “That’s My Dump!” column), Patrick is also a passionate advocate of sustainable urbanism, mass transit, and affordable housing. Patrick sometimes spends his free time on craft projects such as odd little sculptures made out of bobby pins, Mod-Podge, and tissue paper.


Teddy Burrage, Volunteer Liaison 

Teddy is a Maine native who, after attending Southern Maine Community College for Behavior Health and Human Services, went on to work with elderly and disabled populations.  A regular volunteer for local organizations, and political campaigns, Teddy spent this summer working on the League of Young Voters’ Leadership Team to win marriage equality in Maine, as well as elect a progressive majority to the statehouse.  Teddy enjoys everything to do with Maine, and Portland, and hopes to make them better places to live. He tries to live by the fundamental idea that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. He also enjoys being in the kitchen, spending time outdoors, writing, and being cheeky with friends.

Delia Gorham, Chair

Delia has been rabble rousing across Maine her entire life, starting as a toddler marching on picket lines with her union family. Organizing activists came naturally as she lobbied fellow students in elementary school mock-elections, campaigned against George W. Bush before she was eligible to vote and started a political activism club in high school. Delia earned a double major from Smith College in Government and American Studies and for the past 5 years has been working in the progressive, non-profit sector on numerous electoral and issue campaigns. There’s always an underrepresented right to fight for but in her free time Delia is a fan of New England’s music scene and spending time with family, friends and adorable puppies.


Jenny McEdward, Secretary-Treasurer

Jenny is a stylist and education coordinator at Akari in Portland, Maine. Before she cut hair, Jenny focused on urban planning and green space preservation while getting her degree in Parks and Recreation.  Joining the league allows Jenny to bring her passions to action.  She loves hiking, running, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.


Elections Committee
The League of Young Voters Elections Committee is a group comprised of young voters from Portland.

Every election cycle the “EC” (as the cool kids call it) researches, vets and recommends candidates for endorsement at the League’s annual Project Vote event, an invite-only meeting where Leaguers that have volunteered 8 hours or more in the past year vote on the EC’s recommendations for endorsements. Their results are published in the Portland Voters Guide, set to hit the streets one month before Election Day.

This year’s committee includes:

Zack Anchors, Chair
Patrick Banks
Christian Muhitira
Nisha Swinton
Kaiulani Anderson-Andre
Ben Lake
Emma Halas-O’Connor
Erica Alt

Civic Guide Committee

The League of Young Voters Civic Guide Committee is similar to our Elections Committee and comprised of young Portland voters that want to help educate League members and the public on issues ranging from:

  • How to run for office
  • How a bill becomes a state law
  • Labor unions – what are they and what do they do?

The first Civic Guide is almost ready for the printing press, check back here for more news on the release date!

This year’s committee includes:

Patrick Banks
Kyle Andrei

Issues Committee

The League of Young Voters Issues Committee was formed in 2012 to track and report on the public policy debates happening at the State House in Augusta. Members of the Committee research issues and then participate in the process by writing letters to the editor, testifying before legislative committees, attending rallies, making phone calls and educating other members on what’s happening. The Issues Committee is preparing to host their first Happy Hour, End of Session Debrief at the end of June. Check back here for more details!

This year’s committee includes:

Teddy Burrage, Chair
Kim McCollister
Lucas Desmond
Christian Muhitira
Kemper Tell
Alyssa Floyd
Delia Gorham

If you are interested in joining any of these committees or starting a new committee, shoot us an email at YoungVoters207@Gmail.Com We’d love to hear what direction you think we should go in!